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My Audio Recordings
Works are by Firerose, unless otherwise stated. Recorded for [community profile] amplificathon 2012 & *[community profile] podfic_bingo 2012

The End is Where We Start From - mp3 | zip | stream (6.6 MB; 7 min 02s)
The Three Ages of Mitt - mp3 (1.0 MB; 1 min 03s)*

The Daughters of Karekh - mp3 | zip (5.4 MB; 5 min 44s)
The Eaten One, by [personal profile] daegaer - mp3 | stream (5.6 MB; 6 min 01s)*
Elemental - mp3 | zip (3.6 MB; 3 min 58s)
Of Thistles and Fir Cones - mp3 | zip (9.1 MB; 9 min 43s)
The Veins of the Forest, by [personal profile] ellen_fremedon - mp3 | zip | stream (21.5 MB; 23 min 28s)

A Handful of Dust - mp3 | zip (2.0 MB; 2 min 12s) (Earthsea/Harry Potter)
On Boxes - mp3 | zip (1.1 MB; 1 min 12s) (Earthsea/Doctor Who)
On the Long Memory of Dragons - mp3 | zip (1.0 MB; 1 min 06s) (Earthsea/ The Hobbit)

Recordings by Others
The Dragon Year - mp3 - recorded by [personal profile] luzula (Earthsea)
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Parish's Progress
Leaf by Niggle by JRR Tolkien
Summary: To Parish it was like biting into a fruit still dewy from the garden when all you have ever tasted is syrupy chunks from a tin. Written for [community profile] yuletide 2015

There was once a young man called Parish, who had returned from a long journey. He had not wanted to go, indeed he had spent most of his time away wishing very hard to be home; and now he was. But home seemed to have changed while he had been away, and not for the better. Perhaps it was his gammy leg. It had not seemed so bad while he was away, when others had far worse, and still others (though Parish did not think about them very often) had not come back at all; but now that he was back he had to live with the wretched thing. Though he scarcely felt it, he was really very lucky. He had come back to a sweetheart, and she was not the sort of girl to be put off by a gammy leg. Soon they were married, and he and Mrs. Parish lived with her widowed mother in a house with a bit of garden, miles out in the country.
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Three Adventures Belladonna Took Never Went On (ao3)
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
Summary: ‘Not a tavern!’ the wizard muttered. ‘Iron arm, iron head more like. To think that I should have lived to be not-a-taverned by Gerontius Took’s son! I’ll not-a-tavern him!’ Seven decades of meetings between Gandalf and the Old Took's children. Written for [community profile] fic_corner 2015

‘This is Great Smials,’ announced the young hobbit, ‘not a tavern. I ask you, are you any sort of a Took? No? Then take yourself off, my good man! We don’t want any Gandalfs here, thank you! Go and find yourself a place that caters to Big Folk!’

Now Gandalf was a wizard, and a very important wizard at that, and he was not used to such treatment from anything short of a king, and there had been none of those in that neck of the woods for the best part of a thousand years. It goes without saying that Gandalf was a good wizard, which was a good thing because he’d had a very bad day and if he’d been a bad wizard, he might have been inclined to turn the young hobbit into a very small toad and then step on him.
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