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Firerose has been writing fanfiction since 2000. She has written in the Angel, Blake's 7, Smallville & Tolkien fandoms in the past, but now mainly writes rare lit, especially Diana Wynne Jones, Ursula Le Guin & Rosemary Sutcliff. New fanfiction will be noted here; see this post for a masterlist of past fanfiction.

All Firerose fanworks are open to further not-for-profit transformation, such as audio recording, illustration, translation, remixes, commentary, sequels & the use of original characters, without prior permission. Please credit the work involved with a link to the original, and if possible drop Firerose a line as she'd love to see it. Please do not, however, archive or distribute these works without seeking prior permission.

This is a publishing rather than a reading journal, & so will not add subscriptions.
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