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Hail fellow Sutcliff lover! This letter assumes you want to know more about my preferences -- if you'd rather work just from the assigned characters be assured that I love all three. (There's a lot more here on Paulinus from Silver Branch than my other two requests simply because I've requested him unsuccessfully several times at Yuletide.) For (a lot) more information on my general preferences see my last year's Yuletide letter. The short version: gen, het & slash equally welcome, but I generally prefer to close the bedroom door; I love world building, OCs & fork-in-the-road AUs; my only absolute aversion is suicide.

The Eagle of the Ninth
Placidus: Placidus seems to be defined as the inverse of Marcus, the embodiment of Rome's value system. I'd love to see him not defined by Marcus (and Esca). The current rash of Placidus/Esca has me scratching my head. I'm also very fond of Uncle Aquila & Claudius Hieronimianus, and if you are not a Placidus fan then a story focused on them (possibly slashed) would also be welcome.

The Silver Branch
Aside from the two characters I requested I'm also very fond of Anthonius, and the all-too-imaginary ship Justin/Anthonius. I don't ship Justin/Flavius, but don't mind if you do, though I have to admit I find Flavius one of Sutcliff's least interesting creations.

Paulinus: I love Sutcliff's unusual mentor figures. If you want more specific prompts... I'm interested in how this unlikely secret agent came to be heading up the resistance movement, and, probably related, his backstory with Carausius (and possibly Allectus). Or, a Paulinus Lives! AU where there was another way out, and how this impacted on the resistance movement in the rest of the novel. (It strikes me that this has the potential for a fascinating clash between Flavius & Paulinus over leadership, if that were the way you went.) Or, perhaps a ghost story?

Honoria: My other favourite character in this novel. I love stories that centre on female characters who are strong other than in the Buffy sense. Women who support other women, who sneakily transcend their societally constrained role. If you can work Honoria into Paulinus' resistance without breaking canon too badly that would be delightful! I'm not fond of kidfic, or Flavius particularly, so I'd prefer to avoid stories about her bringing up a young Flavius.
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