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'They did not know of each other but would not have minded.' Drabble for The City & the City by China Miéville.

She sees and unsees the too-dark lipstick on the coffee cup, smells and unsmells the strange shampoo on the dented pillow, as she hears and unhears the trains passing his window. Feels and unfeels the other her in the spaces in his attention as she sees and unsees the gaps in the terrace of her home street. Yet she cannot help but grasp the shape of the other life that twines around hers, as she knows the other city by not knowing it. Living in a divided city is good practice for being one of two mistresses of a man.

13 October 2012

Date: 14/10/2012 17:56 (UTC)
azdak: Face of Klimt's Music II (Default)
From: [personal profile] azdak
I really enjoyed The City and The City and I think this drabble is utterly fantastic. I love the way you take that central idea and apply it to Borlu's mistresses - I couldn't work out why his having two girlfriends was necessary to the story, but now I think you've put your finger on it. This is just brilliant.

Date: 15/10/2012 04:26 (UTC)
azdak: Face of Klimt's Music II (Default)
From: [personal profile] azdak
They do prefigure the whole moving-between-two-worlds thing, it's true. And I don't read Mieville for the characterisation - it's just not where his focus lies. I was surprised they didn't feature more on the plot, but I think you're right, their function is primarily thematic.
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