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First of all, a heartfelt thank you for writing for me. I'm sure I'll adore whatever you give me! This letter just gets longer every time I write it, so do cut loose now if detail makes you anxious.

Some generalities: I'm both a 'more of' & a 'more from' canon girl; that is, I'd be equally overjoyed to receive a story that captures the precise tone of canon and one that cleverly turns canon on its head & stomps all over it. I love stylish prose, unusual formats, structural interest, world building, politics, intellectual discussions, women being awesome, well-developed original & minor characters, villain PoVs, dollops of plot, casefic, plausible sideturn-from-canon AUs, dry, sly & black humour -- and above all stories that surprise me. I'm equally keen on gen, het & slash, though I usually prefer to close the bedroom door.

I don't tend to enjoy heavy-handed angst, hurt/comfort, PWP, kinkfic, slapstick humour, crackfic, alternate realities, kidfic, schmoop & fluff. Darker stories are fine, but one focusing on death of parents, or suicide, would be potentially triggering for me at the moment.

As this journal is sparse, try my recommendations site if you're interested in further hints as to my fictional tastes; there's a few for Rosemary Sutcliff & Twin Peaks, though none as yet for China Miéville. My fanfiction masterlist might clue you in to some of my obsessions. I'm also Espresso Addict on livejournal, but much of that journal is friends-locked. I was rather verbose in my prompts; nevertheless there are a few extra hints to be had under the cut.

The City & the City - China Miéville
Character: Any
The world is the most interesting character in this novel, so I'm requesting a world-building story. Threads that particularly interested include anything to do with the cities' history both before & after Cleavage (what are the geared tools in the digs for? why did the cities develop like this? how can one have a war against a nation one has to unsee?); anything relating to Orciny (could it really exist? extracts from Between the City and the City or fairy stories); how do children learn to unsee? -- but really anything that developed the backdrop of either city would be wonderful. I'm very fond of original & minor characters, but any of the main characters would also be of interest in a story that developed the world further.

This is a late addition to my requests -- my latest obsession -- and I don't really have much to add. I love multimedia works & works in unusual formats, so if you wanted to include extracts from books &/or stories that would be of great interest. I'm a huge fan of casefiles, so an investigation by either city's police would be very enjoyable. A crossover with other sf&f properties I know would work for me (eg the fandoms I've recommended), but note I haven't as yet read any other Miéville.

The Silver Branch - Rosemary Sutcliff
Character: Paulinus
I'm particularly interested in how this unlikely secret agent came to be heading up the resistance movement, and, probably related, his backstory with Carausius (and possibly Allectus). Or, a happy-ending AU where there was another way out, and how this impacted on the resistance movement in the rest of the novel. Or, perhaps a ghost story?

Sutcliff's Eot9 series was one of my childhood pleasures. I love her unusual mentor figures. My other favourite character in Silver Branch is Honoria, but I'm not sure how she might have met Paulinus! I'm also very fond of Anthonius, and the all-too-imaginary ship Justin/Anthonius. I have to admit, I find Flavius one of her least interesting characters, but it strikes me that a 'Paulinus Lives!' AU has the potential for a fascinating clash between him & Paulinus over leadership, if that were the way you went. I don't ship Justin/Flavius, but don't mind if you do.

Not really looking for a crossover in this fandom, and would much prefer to stay in the Roman era; I'm not generally a fan of modern-era Sutcliff AUs. In general I love historical accuracy, but I'm a complete ignoramus about this period, so don't feel too constrained by research if the story wants to be anachronistic or to play with the known historical timeline.

Twin Peaks
Character: Albert Rosenfield
I'd love to see Albert take on a Blue Rose case with someone other than Coop. Or just Albert talking shop, explaining his outlook on life, or acting as a mentor. I'm particularly interested in the idea of Albert working with one of the FBI agents introduced in Fire Walk With Me (Phillip Jeffries, Chet Desmond, Sam Stanley) or indeed Gordon Cole or Denise Bryson, but I'd be just as interested in original characters, and any time-setting (before, during or after the series) is fine. In short, anything starring Albert will be well received, though I'd rather the story didn't feature Coop in anything other than a very minor role -- I love him dearly, but he does tend to take over. (Also not keen on Wyndam Earle; he's too one note for my taste.)

Twin Peaks is a long-time love of mine. As a Brit, it was the first American television show I enjoyed. Lynch's vision of small-town America & the surrealism are my favourite aspects. (I wrote a lot of the fanlore article on the show, which might be of interest.)

The particular appeal of Albert is his extreme rationality faced with inescapable proof of the supernatural. I don't have strong opinions about his religion, though if he were from a Jewish background it would be interesting to see how that interacted with his hyper-rational approach. I'd also be interested to see his reaction to working with a woman (or a
trans-woman if that's your view of Denise Bryson). Another favourite I'd love to see him interact with is Garland Briggs. I don't ship him with Coop, but don't mind if you do (though see request regarding Coop's capacity to take over).

I'm familiar with all the series &
Fire Walk With Me, but not the additional materials, though feel free to use details from them if they fit. I'm not very familiar with much US television, so I'd rather avoid crossovers for this one.
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