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Drabble & a half, loosely for my prompt 'Everyone is the hero of their own story. Even Kossil' in the Earthsea Fiction LJ Ficathon 2009

Once there was a family with five daughters and no sons. When the lady – for it was a proud family that traced its forefathers to the House of Tarb, no less – found herself with child for the sixth time, she prayed to the Twin Gods for a son, promising a daughter in service as a priestess; the lord of the household prayed likewise to the Godking. And when they were blessed with a son, being devout people and not knowing which god had answered their prayers, they dedicated their two youngest, one to the Twin Gods and the other to the Godking. The elder hated her new life so profoundly that she drowned herself in the temple compound well. The younger, on the other hand, flourished.

Thus, before she was six, Kossil learned that the life of a boy was worth both the life and the death of a girl.

11 August 2009

Date: 12/08/2009 15:27 (UTC)
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This is really fascinating -- I like that Kossil comes from a noble family, as this explains in part why she loves power so much. I enjoyed reading!

Date: 13/08/2009 15:13 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
(Ack, it won't let me post as Firerose, because I haven't confirmed the e-mail.)

Thank you! I'm not sure I believe this is really her background (I have two conflicting Kossils in my head), but I like the idea that she feels entitled & superior because of her birth, when birth counts for little in the temple service.
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