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A response to an [ profile] earthsea_fic challenge, taking 'A' & the quotation from TS Eliot's 'The Journey of the Magi'. The first line was inspired by the end of The Other Wind, but Serenissima got there before me with her lovely Seasons in the Archipelago. It also borrows an idea from my Of Thistles and Fir Cones, though should make sense alone.

One day Ged went for a walk in the forest and never returned. His wife set his place at the table of the Old Mage's House every day until the Patterner sent from Roke saying that the Archmage walked among the trees of the Grove again. Then, though her daughter sent from Valmouth saying her mother's hands would be a blessing with a third baby coming, and her son sent from Middle Valley saying much the same about the harvest, the widow walked the weary miles down to Gont Port and took the swiftest ship she could find to Thwil.

But the trees that whispered to the Patterner said nothing to her, and her husband was not to be found, neither there nor anywhere. The widow lay down among the trees and wept.

A leaf fell in her hair, then another. A little thistle tickled her ear. She opened her eyes. Thistledown floated in a stream of sunlight up, up towards the hidden sky.

Oh, Ged, you've flown beyond us all now! Her stomach growled, and a little sound, half sob half laugh, escaped her lips. She shook the leaves from her hair.

I wonder what Apple's named the baby.

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